Title: Marry Wana
Producers: Mr. Wilks
Label: Tru Music
Rhythm: Ice Cube

Yow dawg
A beare gyal deh yah
Wha the place full
But differently me see one weh she over deh so
The tall one, a who she
Me never see her before

Verse 1
From me see her me know say
She new on yah
And she had me in a trance
Like a snake charmer
So I asked her what’s her name
She say Tuwana
But most of her friends say Wana
So I say Wana where you from
She say from Ghana
But she spent most of her life in Botswana
She say her father was a real big time farmer
And now she on vacation because of nuff drama
So I told her I was in love at my first sight
And I told her a million things I like
And I don’t really know if my feelings right
But I really want her to be my wife

I want Marry Wana
Marry Wana
She is the girl of my dreams

I want Marry Wana
Marry Wana
I love her bad
Marry Wana, Marry Wana
I love her bad

Verse 2
Me did haffi Marry Wana
From me see har is like me see the light
And from the fire ignite
The relationship nuh stop burn bright
Shout to Wana
I hope you hear me
I love you dearly, sincerely

Repeat Chorus