Melinda Daley Struts Her Stuff


Name: Melinda Daley
Date of Birth: February 15 1986
Age 19
Zodiac Sign: Aqurius
Weight: 126
Height 5-5
Bust: 34
Complexion: Dark brown

Colour eyes: Brown
Agency: French Kut International

Her Desires: Melinda Daley who's more popular known to her friends as Mendy is a young aspiring model that would like to achieve a career in the field of Commercial Modeling.

Mendy was born and raise in Kingston the capital of Jamaica and went to St. Jago High School in Spanish Town from which she is now a passed student. Mendy is presently attending a continuing education program at the Instistute of Accademic excellent.
Mendy speaks of her self as a quiet, humble and undercover troublemaker at times.

Mendy is Single: But is anxiously waiting for Mr. Right to enter her gate way with the golden key. We all know that every girl dream is to find the chosen one and settle down and get married, so anywhere you are come out! Why would you want to hide from beauty, won't you like to be my beast, Lol.

Apart from Modeling, I am aiming to be an Entertainment Journalist and maybe little from this down the pipe line try a little singing and write some good songs for other artiste. But I do not think I will do singing as a career more as a hobby.

How did you got involve in modeling: Well, my sister was the one who encourages me morning, noon and night to become a model and she has been doing this for more than two years. But what always puzzle me is that she is as beautiful like me and sexy, so why didn't she go a head and do modeling and leave me alone. But I get to understand that she was shy.
However, one day I was home standing in front of the mirror looking at what God has bless me with, a nice figure, a magnificent skin tone and beauty from both within and out. So that was when I decided to go a head and let the world see what I am made of.

The fun things she do: Going to the beach with my beautiful sisters, movies, listening dancehall and alternitive music while at home and I love to read any books that has to do with romance