Viral video of school boy 'boxing' girl being probed

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shocked.jpgThe Manchester police have launched an investigation into an incident captured on video of a male student slapping a female student in the face multiple times at a prominent high school in the parish last week Wednesday (June 19).

The video which has since gone viral on social media shows the male student using both hands to slap the female student five times in the face in front of other students under a tree. The female student was repeatedly slapped despite an attempt to get away from the schoolboy, who at one point grabbed her hand.

The schoolboy while physically abusing the female student could be heard saying, "You no see me. Don't diss me. That me a tell you. Don't diss me."

The video ended showing the schoolgirl holding her face.

Head of the Manchester police Superintendent Wayne Cameron say that the police are investigating the incident.

"We have already gotten statements in this particular incident. We have been making significant strides. We intend to find that youngster and arrest him," Cameron said.

He added that the police will also be investigating the approach taken by the school to treat with the incident. "We are going to look exactly at what transpired in that school and what measures were taken by the persons responsible at that school to protect that young female at that particular time," he said.