Super support for Shaggy after Super Cat video .... 'put in yuh false teeth and sidung inna yuh rocking chair'

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super-cat-diss-shaggy-wicked.jpgA viral video which sees veteran Dancehall deejay, Super Cat, blasting Shaggy is making the rounds on social media, but dancehall fans are not impressed. They say Shaggy has done more for Jamaica than super Cat, so there is no reason why Shaggy can't be an ambassador for the music and the island. They also say that as a veteran, Super Cat needs to chill, and it doesn't matter whether or not his outburst stemmed from him drinking a bit too much. After all, alcohol only gives you the courage to say things that you otherwise would only think of saying.

"Super Cat mi rate you still from way back when, but you should not be getting on Shaggy's case, who I will defend to the end. Shaggy has done so much for Jamaica outside of music that no one in their right sense of mind should be against him... mind you I am not here to sway anyone from their opinion.

If the cat would have said that Shaggy should not be THE ambassador because Bob, Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh (to name a few) were better suited.... then it would be a different story."

"Hey Super Cat, put eeen yuh false teet, sidung inah yuh rocking chair and feed yuh gran pickney dem wid porridge."

"Super Cat is living in the 80s. Him a so call old bad man. Shaggy duh way more fi Jamaica than the Cat. Him feel him can just duss anyone who he feels. One a dem day yah di wrong man going to button him up real nice"

"Some of these artists need to be mindful of the type of behavior they are exhibiting, and how they will be emulated by the youths. You cannot expect better from the youths with this type of bad behavior from the older ones."

In a video, reportedly filmed at a dancehall session in Brooklyn, New York, recently -- Super Cat takes the microphone from the emcee and launches at an expletive-laced tirade against Shaggy.

"Shaggy, how come you a talk 'bout you a reggae embassy? Hey, we no need no ambassador... Reggae no need no b**** c ambassador," said Super Cat, champagne flute in hand.

His utterances elicited laughter from the audience, especially among younger patrons.

Singer Yami Bolo, who tried to seize the microphone, also felt the brunt of the deejay's wrath.

"Hey Yami, you fi b*****c learn. Shut up before mi lick out yuh ears drum. You see Tenor Saw dead, a should a you dead... Go siddung!" said Super Cat.