NDM sad at passing of co-founder

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The National Democratic Movement (NDM) is expressing deep sadness at the passing of founding general secretary and co-conceptualiser, Brascoe Lee.

Lee died yesterday morning after a brief illness.

NDM President, Peter Townsend, in a statement today said Lee strongly believed that the political system was too self-serving and operated almost exclusively in the interest of the Jamaica Labour Party and People's National Party and their ruling class instead of the people of Jamaica.

"Hence, he became one of the chief architects of the formation of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) which was launched in October 1995 with an agenda to reform the Jamaican constitution and change the ugly aspects of the political culture, for the development of a better country, worthy of our great people.

"He was a fearless warrior, a patriot, and innovator. May his soul rest in peace," said Townsend.