More drama as Skatta and Romeich whatsApp Sumfest conversation leaked

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skatta.jpgA Whatsapp conversations between Cordell 'Skatta' Burrell and Romeich Major have found its way on social media, after it was allegedly leaked to a few websites. Skatta and Romeich have been feudingover the last few weeks due to Shenseea, Teejay and Ding Dong Ravers being excluded from this year's Reggae Sumfest lineup and many articles have been written and they have appeared on popular entertainment programmes to air their side of the drama.

According to Skatta, the Sumfest team reached out to Romeich back in February to book Teejay and Shenseea for the 'Greatest Reggae Show on Earth' however they failed to come to an agreement.

romeich.jpgRomeich reportedly wanted JMD $3 Million to book all three acts, Shenseea, Teejay and Ding Dong Ravers. "He [Romeich] did not like that we only wanted two, but when he said three of them together and gave us an ultimatum, we said let's negotiate that," Skatta said.

Skatta said things hit a stonewall when he made a counteroffer to book each act for JMD $300,000 to JMD $400,000, however Romeich quickly declined.

"We cannot pay $3 million for three, you're gonna have to come down on your price. We understand that you have a brand and it's good to showcase your brand, one behind each other, but you have to come down on your price," Burrell said he told the Romeich Entertainment principal. "Let us negotiate and work together and do a good production and good showing right in front of all of these corporate people and after that your brand is gonna gain more off this festival than a few hundred thousand dollars."

Shortly after Skatta Burrell disclosed his version of the story, Romiech refuted his claims saying its all a lie. "It is a lie, I did not want $1 million for Shenseea and Teejay, I did not ask for nothing like that for none of them," Romeich told the Jamaica Star. "Me nah go guh inna di price dem, but a lie dat. And even if I wanted that, my artistes are valued that because he is paying artistes that is not in their calibre at this moment, more than that. Him a pay artiste weh nuh double hotter than them, triple dat so even if a dat me did want, a dat mi fi get."

Romeich's response seemingly forced Skatta to release their Whatsapp conversation.