Jada Kingdom says she knows Chinsea Lee, she doesn't know Shenseea

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shenseea-photo-1.jpgJada Kingdom and Shenseea have been feuding since last year and in a drama filled live feed on social media, Jada, a former gal-pal of Dancehall artiste, Shenseea, refused to acknowledge the existence of the Trending Gyal artiste, arguing that she does not know the new person her once-upon-a-time friend Chinsea Lee, has become. Responding to questions about her broken relationship with the Trending Gyal artiste, the 20-year-old sought to clear the air, suggesting that there was no acrimony between the two, only ambivalence.

"Mek mi mek dis clear; oonu si oonu artist, Shenseea, mi no know har. Me know Chinsea Lee; so whoever is Shenseea, da new person, da new da manufactured person deh weh oonu a support or whateva, mi no know har, mi neva meet har a day inna mi life, trus mi," Jada told her followers.

"From Shenseea bus, mi no see har. But Chinsea Lee, mi know har. Dat a di girl weh me did love an rate and dat was my fren. Mi no know who Shenseea is. Stop call up har name to mi; stop call up my name to har. She no inn my way, mi no inna fi har own...cause trus' mi when dem draw mi out, a different settings. Mi an nobaddy no have sh#t; stop call up mi nm wid people," she warned.

Jada, who turns 21 in September, asserted that unlike her former friend, she had not changed one bit.

"Mi a same f$@kin me; di same ghetto bloodc$@#t gyal from Bull Bay; mi no change. Yo can ask bout mi. From back inna school days mi par wid myself, caw me know me kill people. Mi slice people neck wid jus a book leaf. Mi pree different, so me jus stay by my self," she declared.

She also bashed some of her followers who apparently told her she was "hating on Shensseea," labeling them instigators of the conflict who were "too mix up," her sharp responses punctuated with expletives.