Eek-A-Mouse gives Foota vagina lessons, tells him he will suck a part of his anatomy

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eek-a-mouse-threatens-foota-hype-if-foota-come-over-he-svck-his-dick.jpgEek-A-Mouse continues to shock as he unleashes his one-of-a-kind attack on selector Foota Hype. Mouse , in a song, more like a chorus tells Foota that he will s@#k Foota Hype's penis. Remember, Foota lashed out at Mouse recently and called him gay. Mouse responded by saying he wasn't. Then, to top it all, yesterday, he released yet another video, in which he gives Foota extensive and detailed lessons on the vagina, and even goading Foota - "Yuh never f@#$ one small and pretty like this yet boy?" he asks. Mouse says he is the vagina specialist and coins some interesting terms for his 'profession'.

Eek-A-Mouse Threatens Foota Hype | if Foota Come Over He Svck His D!ck!!! (It Gone To Porno War!)