e-Commerce platform officially launched

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WiPay, an e-commerce platform which allows users to make, accept and process digital payments, was officially launched in Jamaica last Thursday at the AC Hotel in Kingston.

Jamaica thus became the latest Caribbean country to embrace the Trinidadian technology solutions company that aims to simplify e-commerce for micro-small, medium and large businesses.

"While consumers in the US, Europe and many other parts of the world are enjoying the convenience of e-commerce, e-payments and an overall e-world, many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are being left behind and are still operating primarily with hard cash and other paper-based services," said chief executive officer (CEO) Aldwyn Wayne.

He acknowledged that with the Government of Jamaica's increased focus on building a modern economy through digital payments, the country is making good headway to developing the right ecosystem for economic growth through e-commerce.

Wayne then indicated that WiPay was elated to be a part of this technological advancement in Jamaica and that will move the current e-commerce system into the first world.

WiPay's online payment system caters to businesses who want to sell their products and services online, WiPay enabling them to accept both credit and debit cards, bank accounts and cash online from "anyone, anywhere, anytime".

To utilise WiPay, the company has to download the WiPay plug-in and add it on their website. Alternatively, if a company does not have an official website, then it can use the Zwillo Invoice application and send an invoice to a customer who can then pay with a credit card, bank account or with a cash voucher.