Windscreen wiper, gunman shot in Dunrobin

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Investigators are reporting that Thursday morning's shootout along Dunrobin Avenue in St. Andrew in which three persons were shot, stemmed from the gang feud in Payne Land in the St. Andrew South Police Division.

The shooting involved gunmen and a licensed firearm holder. One of the gunmen, a windscreen wiper and a pump attendant were shot in the incident.

Superintendent Derrick Champagnie, Crime Chief for the Area Five headquarters, told RJR News that the injured gunman is under police guard in hospital, while the windscreen wiper, who was the intended target of the gunmen, is undergoing surgery.

The pump attendant, who was grazed by a bullet, was treated and released. It is reported that shortly after 5 o'clock Thursday morning, the windscreen wiper was on Dunrobin Avenue when he was attacked by gunmen travelling on a motorcycle. He was shot several times.

A licensed firearm holder challenged the gunmen and this led to a shootout.

One of the gunmen was shot and a semi-automatic pistol taken from him.

Following the shooting, it was discovered that the pump attendant at a nearby service station was also injured.

Superintendent Champagnie told RJR News the gunmen and the windscreen wiper are from Payne Land. A 12 year old boy was shot dead last weekend when gunmen opened fire on a group of persons in the community. Three other persons were injured in that attack.