Tight-pants Gyptian trace off him critics like a real dirty big gyal

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gyptian-reggae.jpgWhy does tight-pants Gyptian believe that he is above criticism? He claims to be a star, but there was nothing star-like about that disgusting behaviour on social media telling his critics to suck dem madda and bare nasty things, all because dem point out, quite truthfully, that him pants too suck on.

This dude wears a pants that suck on to him like a pair of tights and his followers on social media dragged him for it. Their point was "Man pants no fi so tight." It also looked as if some people mentioned that he was one of the Rastas who Tony Rebel said was in the closet and should come out, because he looked like a gal in that tight pants. Who tell dem fi go say dat!!!???

Suck-on pants Gyptian trace off the people dem in the wickedest, nastiest, dirtiest way. He showed that no gal can match him inna di tracing business.

The 'Big Star' tell dem to run up inna dem mumma and dip up under dem like a real girl. He went at length to prove how much of a whore he is by telling them that him "Mi f@#$ nuff a dem gal and all dem madda" and added that a "Nuff gal mi run way."

Suck-on pants Gyptian, shame on you! Go and wash out your dirty mouth with disinfectant and bleach. Bout yuh a Star. Mussi di Star newspaper whe love mix up and people business you a talk bout.

Right now, we are getting out the popcorn because we know that is now dem a go drag you all ova social media. Bout you a wear suck-on pants and a show up youself like you is a woman. Blood and Fire!!!!!!!