Peter Phillips confident of victory

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peter-phillips-photo-3.jpgPeople's National Party President Dr. Peter Phillips has said he is confident he will victorious as Mr. Bunting prepares to challenge him for the leadership position.He told RJR News he is ready for the challenge, which "is in keeping with our democratic traditions in the party" and is "confident that we have the support of the party at all levels."

"It is clear that we will continue with our traditions and continue the process under my leadership to prepare the party to be a successful government of Jamaica following the next elections," he added.

He met with key party functionaries at the Versailles Hotel in May Pen, Clarendon on Sunday to canvas support ahead of the presidential race.Dr. Phillips has urged the PNP Secretariat to urgently settle the leadership challenge in a timely manner.

In a statement Sunday, Dr. Phillips said this is important so that the PNP can refocus its efforts on critical national issues.

Since Mr. Bunting announced his challenge for leadership of the PNP, several members of the party have made public their support for Dr. Phillips. Lisa Hanna, Member of Parliament for St. Ann South Eastern, on Sunday endorsed Dr. Phillips, noting that "most people knew that Bunting was planning for this for some time now, so it didn't come really as a shock to those of us who are seasoned politicians."

Damion Crawford, PNP caretaker for Portland Eastern, is another of Dr. Phillips's supporters.

Phillip Paulwell, Member of Parliament for Kingston East and Port Royal, who will be also be supporting Dr. Peter Phillips, has described Peter Bunting's challenge for the PNP presidency as unfortunate. He argued that the leadership challenge will be a distraction for the PNP while the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) will seize the opportunity to call an early election. The PNP, he contended, would be better off working to organise its machinery to ensure the party wins the next election.