Graffiti artist LA Lewis returns to court Tuesday on robbery charges

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la-lewis-photo-2.jpgDancehall and graffiti artiste, LA Lewis, was granted bail until June 25 when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on a warrant on Wednesday.

Lewis was answering to a charge of robbery with aggravation in a case that dated back to 1995. In court, he claimed that he did not know there was a warrant out for his arrest, and begged the court to grant him bail to allow him to travel to Canada to meet an engagement.

He is accused of having held a knife to a man's side on Matthew's Lane in downtown Kingston, and stealing the man's wallet which contained $200. The complainant later pointed out Lewis to the police.

In relation to Lewis' plea for bail, presiding Magistrate, Nicole Montague, stuck to the letter of the law and forced the artiste's mind to suddenly shift back from Canada to a Jamaican jail cell.

She informed him that he was not only facing a charge of robbery, but also one of having absconding bail, and as such, he needed to convince the court why he would not repeat the act of absconding bail.

Lewis' countenance fell dramatically after the judge spoke to him, and it was clear that the threat of being locked behind bars was weighing heavily on his mind.

"Your Honour, I thought this case was over. I swear to God!" said Lewis penitently.

"Are you guilty or not guilty?" the judge asked in response.

Lewis breathed hard and took a moment before replying that he was "Not guilty".

He, however, changed his plea to guilty of absconding bail after receiving legal advice.