Gift baskets with Coffee, rum cakes and banana chips for Bond 25 cast

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In true Jamaican fashion, local brands JP St. Mary's, Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes and Jablum, came together to extend a heartfelt thank you to the James Bond franchise for choosing to include Jamaica in the production of Bond 25.

Representatives of the brands, Tara Goulbourne, commercial manager JP Tropical Foods; Jermaine Robinson, regional commercial manager of Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes Ltd; and former Senator Norman Grant, CEO of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Limited made a courtesy call to the President of JAMPRO Diane Edwards and Film Commissioner at JAMPRO Renee Robinson on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, to present 28 gift baskets filled with products from the three entities. The international cast and crew were presented with the packages before the last day of filming, Friday, June 7, 2019.

With over 500 Jamaicans being employed through the production and the expected economic boost from the film, Robinson expressed delight at the Bond 25 experience and support of Corporate Jamaica.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be representing the Jamaican industries, the Jamaican film industry and in particular the work we are doing with James Bond film, the 25th anniversary. And, of course, it's such a pleasure to see our local brands demonstrating an interest in partnerships and building relationships with these international productions, said Renee Robinson, Film Commissioner at JAMPRO. "I'm sure the producers are going to be in for quite a treat as they will be leaving the island with gifts and tokens from some our premiere Jamaican brands, JP St. Mary's, Tortuga and Jablum. So, this the beginning of deeper relationships and looking forward to greater commercial partnerships between our local brands and the international production space."

According to JP St. Mary's Goulbourne, private and public partnerships fuel and shape the Jamaican brand story while providing opportunities for the country and the company.

"We are Jamaican owned, company but certainly view the global economy as fair game. Having a huge franchise choose Jamaica speaks volumes about the value of Brand Jamaica. We welcome the production and the opportunity to introduce more of what makes Jamaica special to the valued team, so that they in turn will recommend our brands to friends and colleagues in other markets," stated Goulbourne.

Tortuga's Jermaine Robinson lauded the strategic groundwork done by JAMPRO and further expressed appreciation for the Bond-Jamaica partnership.

"We are elated to have partnered with JAMPRO in welcoming the cast and crew of the James Bond 25 movie to the shores of Jamaica. The James Bond franchise is known for the quality entertainment it provides and the partnership with Tortuga is a match made in heaven, as we pride ourselves with producing a rum cake par excellence using the finest ingredients. We trust that the cast and crew will relive the memories made in Jamaica with every bite of our delicious cakes," said Robinson.

Similar sentiments were shared by former Senator Grant.

"We are delighted to offer our excellent Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to the cast of James Bond. Our product reflects the commitment of our over 7,000 farmers and 102,000 farm families in the Jamaican coffee industry and further reflect a part of the Jamaican experience that is a bundle of love in a cup and an awesome coffee experience beyond compare. We sincerely hope that the rich experience in filming this movie in Jamaica will be further enriched beyond our borders with the splendid Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Experience from Jablum," concluded Grant.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer will release the 25th James Bond feature film domestically through their United Artists Releasing banner on April 8, 2020; through Universal Pictures International and Metro Goldwyn Mayer in the UK and internationally from April 3, 2020.