Close watch on Spanish Town after double murder

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crime-scene-gun.jpgThe security forces are keeping a close watch on Rivoli and other communities in Spanish Town, St. Catherine following a double murder Friday afternoon.

About 12:45 a taxi driver and a passenger where in a vehicle when men opened gunfire.

The two men were hit.

They died at the scene.

A police officer challenged the gunmen, however, they escaped.

Investigators say the attack is linked to the ongoing feud involving members of the Clansman gang

They say the passenger who was killed - a man known only by the alias "Gwualla" - is a member of the gang.

He was recently released on bail for the murder of a policeman.

The taxi operator is said to be his relative.

The police say the men were returning from court in Kingston when they were attacked.

The police are also probing reports that men removed a gun and a loaded magazine from the scene of the shooting.