Woman and her 5 year-old grandson chopped to death

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crime-scene-knife.jpgA Trelawny woman and her five-year-old grandson were chopped to death by a relative in Martha Brae Saturday night.

The attacker is said to be the mentally-challenged son of the woman and uncle to the child. He, too, was killed after being shot by the police when he reportedly attacked members of a police party who had gone to the location to investigate the incident.

The deceased woman has been identified as 56-year-old Jennifer Gordon, otherwise called " Coolie", a domestic helper. The five-year-old boy is identified as Levon Walker, both of Hugh Shearer Drive in Martha Brae, Trelawny.

The accused attacker is identified as 28-year-old Leon "Duval" White, of the same address.

Reports are that about 11:00 last night, residents living along Hugh Shearer Drive heard Gordon crying for help and summoned the police.

Upon the arrival of the lawmen, they attempted to enter the house when they were reportedly attacked by White, who was armed with a machete. In a bid to avoid being chopped to death by the mentally challenged man, the police were forced to shoot him.

A search led to the discovery of Gordon and her grandson who were found in separate sections of the house with multiple chop wounds.

"It is also unfortunate that when the police went to the location to subdue Mr White, he attacked them with a machete and was fatally shot," said Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, the commanding officer for the Trelawny police.

"I have since gone in the area and spoke to the community members and I also spoke to the Health Department, and I was informed that White was a patient, who was treated as recently as May of this year," he added.

According to one neighbour "Duval, is very ok when he receives his medical treatment but very violent, when he is not treated. And to my knowledge he was not treated upon the most recent visit by the medical team," the neighbour added.

Ricketts said the police were providing counselling to the immediate family of the deceased, as well as community members.