New movie MADE In New York a real Jamaican thriller

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made-in-new-york-jamaican-movie-trailer-2019-a-jamaican-story.jpgFor the love of money, fame , fortune, for the love of Music, and for the love of Love, ... the sky is the limit for these ambitious Jamaicans living in New York struggling to survive while pursuing their Music career , made it

Redhot, very talented singer signs a recording deal with Get Rich Quick Records. Walla Walla, not taking the gangster way out finally gets a break but can't go , his terrified wife was attacked by notorious gangster who goes around intimidating selectors to play Mr Bigs tunes, C.E.O of Get Rich Quick Records.... A Thriller , with , Drama, Romance, Suspense and will also make you laugh

This is the trailer notes on a new movie about Jamaica, written and directed by Phillip Warmington, aka Papa Lover. Casting director was Zambia Carradicce.

The movie had a successful premiere in New York this week, and rolls into Atlanta at the end of the month. A Jamaica premiere is also in the works.