Martin Henry collapses and dies after doing programme on Seaga's passing

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Academic and political commentator Martin Henry died suddenly last night, sending shock waves throughout the media and education fraternities.

Henry collapsed on the premises of Television Jamaica after appearing on a special tribute programme to former Prime Minister Edward Seaga who died yesterday in Miami.

He had told his media colleagues that he was not feeling well and collapsed on his way from the studio to the front of the building.

He was rushed to Medical Associates Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Last night, Stephen Vasciannie, president of the University of Technology (UTech), Jamaica where Henry held senior positions, expressed shock at Martin's passing.

"It is distressing that Mr Henry should have died while in the prime of his life. He has made a major contribution to the university through his management of entrepreneurship projects, his work in promoting research and intellectual development, his contribution to the Journal of Arts Science and Technology, his organisation of the Research and Technology Innovation Day and, most recently, his stalwart efforts with the University of Technology Press," Vasciannie said.

He said that Henry will also be remembered for his contributions to national life and that the country should be proud of his work as chairman of National Integrity Action. "In this role, and in his public commentary, especially as a newspaper columnist in the Sunday Gleaner and in media interviews, Mr Henry was a model of clarity, precision and, most of all, integrity and honesty," Vasciannie stated.

"Today has been a sad, awful day, which has knocked the wind from our sails."