Concern as no licensed butchers in Hanover

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Animals are being slaughtered and meat being sold at various locations across the parish, there are no licensed butchers operating in Hanover.

David Gardner, the Hanover Municipal Corporation's (HMC) chief executive officer, revealed Thursday that although all butcher's licences in the western parish expired in March, no applications for butcher's licences are being processed for the month of May.

"How is it that we have no application for butcher's licence and you are inspecting so much meat?" a seemingly perplexed Mayor Sheridan Samuels asked Patricia Hall Patterson, the chief public health inspector in the parish.

"It means we have no licensed butchers, so there should be no slaughtering of animals," added Samuels.

In responding to the mayor's concern, Hall Patterson told the HMC monthly meeting that there were approximately 17 registered butchers in the parish and they were the butchers doing the inspection of meats. She also pointed out that there were some applications for butcher's licences at the Public Health Department that were being processed and should be sent the HMC in short order.