Shenseea not here for the snide Rolex comments

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shenyeng-on-instagram-si-weh-hard-work-do-me-blessed-and-too-grateful-fi-roll-vex-now-me-a-get-rolex-and-big-cheques-thanks-rvssian.jpgRecently, Shenseea showed off the Rolex she received from Rvssian and immediately the trolls crawled out of hiding and began to suggest that she gave him favours in exchange for the watch. Well, some have even gone further and are sugggesting that Rvssian and Shenseea are now an item and that this has caused a rift in her relationship with Romiech.

SHENYENG on Instagram: "Si weh hard work do!? ❄️❄️❄️ me BLESSED and too GRATEFUL fi roll vex, now me a get rolex and big cheques 🤑 thanks @rvssian 😄"