Police awaiting medical report from Markus

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police-station.jpgThe police say that although Markus Myrie, the son of Mark "Buju Banton" Myrie, has filed a report against his father alleging that he was assaulted, they cannot moved on the case until they receive an official medical report.

Persons have been saying that the police are ignoring the report because of who Buju is and what he represents.

"The police man dem nah go lock up Buju. Buju too big fi that. All dem want a couple VIP ticket to di concert," was the sentiment expressed by many persons who are ignorant of the law

This is standard procedure and has nothing to do with the accused, the police say in their defence.

Even though the report has been filed, there are procedural things that have to be done. His son, who said he was assaulted, was sent to seek medical attention. That part has to be satisfied. He has not returned yet," Leighton Gray, superintendent in charge of the St Andrew North Police is quoted as saying.