Fan says she has no more respect for Rebel

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tony-rebel-on-instagram-i-had-to-join-these-kids-on-stage-for-my-song.jpgAs expected, the things that Rebe's daughter is saying about him, has the potential to really hurt his brand.


I grew up with your songs and you were one of the few artists that I actually looked up to...until now.

I can't believe you've been such a HORRIBLE, SICKENINGLY DISGUSTING father to your daughter.

I pray you don't have anymore kids, especially not daughters. I hope that whatever path life takes your daughter on, she's strong enough to forgive you. But I honestly would not blame her if she didn't.

You're a disgrace as a da

Tony Rebel on Instagram: "I had to join these kids on stage for my song vibes of the time that was done over 25 yrs ago , kids were brilliant!!"

One fan is so upset that she says that she is no longer a fan.