Buju's son Markus run all who use to deal with him because of his father

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buju-banton-son-markus-run-all-who-use-to-deal-with-him-because-of-his-father-photo-1.pngTwo days before his father's highly anticipated Long Walk To Freedom concert at the national arena in Kingston, Jamaica, Markus, the son of Buju banton, has spewed venom at his parent.

Unconfirmed reports are that prior to his return to Jamaica in December, Buju Banton had given instructions that his studio off Red Hills Road should be cleaned out in preparation for him. Markus has been doing all of his musical productions at the studio, under his own label, rather than his father's Gargaamel Records label.

Markus has attracted a lot of attention for his productions, with many of the leading names in dancehall, choosing to record for him.

It is still not clear exactly what caused this falling out between Buju and his son, but there is much speculation. Some reports are that there was a discrepancy about tickets for the show on Saturday and that Buju hit his son.

That, however, was the straw that broke the camel's back. Markus then went on social media and let loose.

He posted the word "Cokehead" and also told all those who used to deal with him because of his father to cease.