Buju's son Markus cusses him off on Instagram

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buju-banton-eldest-son-markus-cusses-him-off-on-instagram-photo-1.pngIt was drama galore on IG Thursday night, as Markus, the eldest son of Buju Banton publicly cursed off his father on social media, and even promised to press charges.

"Mi mada neva grow mi fi tek disrerspect, B@$$yman u cah talk to me any way u wah," Markus said in one of the posts.

buju-banton-eldest-son-markus-cusses-him-off-on-instagram-photo-2.pngIn another of the posts which have since been deleted from his IG account, Markus stated "So much drama since December...this man need to go back to prison."

He even tagged Donald Trump, @realdonaldtrump, asking him to come fi @bujuofficial, making ti clear exactly who Buju was talking about, his father.

buju-banton-eldest-son-markus-cusses-him-off-on-instagram-photo-3.pngIt was only two weeks ago that the offspring of another entertainer, embarrassed her father on social media. Tony Rebel's daughter, Davianah, took to social media to lambast her father and spill family secrets. Rebel has not commented.