Buju Banton thanks his fans for sold-out concert

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buju-banton-on-instagram-and-thank-you-one-more-time.jpgAfter his sold-out concert at the Naional Stadium on Satuday, Buju Banton on Sunday evening posted a series of pictures to his IG account and thanked his fans for the over-the-top support.

There are no official numbers in as yet, but critics say that there were more than 35 thousand persons inside the venue to watch what was surely history in the making.

The fans also thanked him in their comments:

I love you Buju, I am so proud of you, you have returned honey with vengeance, I pray for you to be restored, very yrs that was stolen.

The show sounds great sorry I won't be able to go. But have a great tour🇹🇹

Man mi hop skip and jump just fi watch #Longwalktofreedom, but no lie mi woulda dweet again 10 times over. All now mi can't stop sing because a Gargamel riveting show set. If it did badda more than that it woulden nice. What a show man!!!! Massi fadda all next year mi a review it. When you #LiveandloveJah anything is possible.

Mighty #Longwalktofreedom indeed mi bredda. #Bujufan4life

Buju Banton on Instagram: "... AND THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME!"

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