Bring Mackerel's baby father to justice, says Vegas

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Controversial entertainer Mr Vegas wants the man who impregnated internet sensation Mackerel, when she was 13 to be brought to justice.

The 18-year-old gained fame earlier this year after her videos about 'tekking people man' went viral, however Mr Vegas is looking on the issues at hand.

Speaking with social media on Friday, the "Heads High" deejay highlighted Mackerel's recent interview with the Entertainment Report where she revealed that she is a mother of a 5-year-old boy.

"Now do the maths, that means she got pregnant when she was 12 or 13, that means somebody molested her at that age," Vegas said. "So if this is an adult that molested this little girl, where is this person?."

"If this person is not in jail, this person is still out there and is still a predator because once a predator always a predator, so this person might be out there getting other little girls pregnant.

Mr Vegas then called out the authorities and Mackerel's parents to come together to speak about the issue and try to seek justice.