Parents of stolen baby hire lawyer Peter a

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Peter Champagne, the lawyer representing the family of a baby who was stolen from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston last month is to begin discussions with the management of the facility in relation to redress for the events which led to the abduction.

The police confirmed that the baby who was found in the care of a woman at the Registrar General's Department, RGD, in St Catherine is the missing child and the baby has been returned to the parents.

Champagnie has a mandate to officially contact the hospital "because they have a duty of care in relation to providing a safe place in terms of their patients and clearly, some went awry there."

He will also be paying close attention to the criminal proceedings against the woman who had the baby.

"My instructions are to watch proceedings in the criminal court in relation to the person that has been arrested in connection with the child who was abducted and to ensure that there is a smooth process and that justice is served," he said. The baby was taken from the hospital by a woman on the morning of January 9.

The management of the Victoria Jubilee Hospital has revealed that all the security personnel who were assigned to the facility during last month's abduction of a newborn have been removed.

CEO of the hospital, Colleen Wright, says new security protocols were implemented and are working smoothly.

The hospital and its security system came under the spotlight after the baby was kidnapped from a ward without a trace.

Immediately after the incident, the hospital's CEO announced that changes would be made to security arrangements.