Lloyd Stanbury says he experienced 'racial profiling' in Trinidad by American Airlines reps

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Jamaican entertainment attorney, Lloyd Stanbury, has complained of unfair treatment at the hands of officials at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad and Tobago.

He posted on social media site Facebook that he was unfairly singled out on his way out of the twin-island republic after attending a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) conference there recently.

Stanbury had given two presentations at the WIPO sub-regional meeting on copyright for Caribbean heads of Offices held in Port of Spain on January 28-29, hosted by the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Stanbury said he attempt to leave the country was marred by the crass and condescending attitude of an airline's representatives at the airport.

"What I experienced at the Piarco International Airport as I tried to board my flight back to Miami was nothing short of profiling, harassment and discrimination at the hands of Trinidadian representatives of American Airlines," Stanbury posted.

He claimed that having checked through security and outbound immigration he attempted to board a flight at the designated departure gate.

'As I am accustomed to doing, I tendered my boarding pass to the airline representative when my group number was called in an effort to enter the plane and take my seat. The airline representative stepped out and told me I needed to step out of the line and pointed out another representative so that I could be checked," he stated.

According to Stanbury, the representative questioned him as to the purpose of his trip, his occupation and what his job entailed. After answering the first two questions, Stanbury said he refused to answer anything further, and presented his resident alien card as proof of his legitimacy to enter the US.

However, the representative refused to look at the card and told Stanbury he was going to miss his flight if he refused to answer anymore questions. Stanbury claimed he was then taken into a side room where he was frisked and his carry-on luggage searched.

"While being searched I took out my mobile phone and made a call to the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, as this was the entity responsible for hosting the meeting participants. I expressed my anger and disappointment that I was being detained, harassed by airline representatives and prevented from boarding my flight," he stated.

He said it was at this point when the officials overheard his telephone conversation that they relented and allowed him to depart the country.

"This was a most humiliating and embarrassing experience. I have since made a formal report to American Airlines to which I have so far received no response," he stated.

He said his hosts have promised to investigate the incident.