Dismissal of Petrojam HR manager who Yolande Ramharrack succeeded unjust - IDT

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The Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT) has ruled that Roselee Scott Heron, former manager for Human Resource Development & Administration at the state-owned oil refinery, Petrojam, was unjustifiably dismissed on December 23, 2016.

As a result, the IDT ruled further that she be paid compensation equivalent to one year's salary. The ruling was handed down on Monday.

The evidence presented to the Tribunal was that Mrs. Scott Heron was called into a meeting with Petrojam's General Manager Floyd Grindley, at which she was informed that her employment would be terminated with immediate effect.

That post was subsequently filled by Yolande Ramharrack.

Mrs Scott Heron told the tribunal that no reason was given for her dismissal.

The attorneys representing Petrojam told the IDT panel that the termination of her employment was as a result of Mr. Grindley's dissatisfaction with her performance and Mrs Scott Heron's inability to manage her portfolio.

Mr. Grindley himself had been on the job only one month at the time of the termination.

The attorneys for the company admitted that the procedures in relation to due process and the processing of Mrs Scott Heron's termination were not adhered to.

Mrs Scott Heron's attorneys maintained that their client was unjustifiably dismissed as, prior to her termination, neither Mr. Grindley nor any member of staff at Petrojam expressed dissatisfaction with her work.

The Ministry of Labour referred the matter to the IDT after conciliatory efforts both at the local and Ministry levels failed to arrive at a settlement.

The IDT noted that Mrs Scott Heron was not advised of any failure on her part that justified her dismissal, and that the reason stated in her letter of termination was that it was "pursuant to the termination clause in [her] contract."

The Tribunal said, following its deliberations, it concluded that "to terminate an employee's service in this manner was not only in breach of the Labour Relations Code and the Rules of Natural Justice, but was also unfair, unreasonable, and unjustifiable."