Killing of August Town man marks first death of the new year

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crime-scene-gun.jpgIt was not a happy sight in Payton Place in August Town, St Andrew, as news spread of the death of Omar Johnson, the country's first murder victim for the year.

It was only eight hours into 2019 when reports surfaced that Johnson was killed by unknown assailants in the community about 8 a.m. yesterday.

And just as persons were coming to terms with Johnson's death, two persons were shot and killed in the August Town Tuesday evening.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit confirmed the incident, but could not say when or where the shootings occurred.

One resident said that they were simply hanging out in the community when Johnson was killed.

"Wi a hold a vibes right yah so, and wi see two man a drag him dung the lane. Dem did a try hide the gun, but wi see it and tek weh wiself. After that mi just hear a shot and then mi hear dem a tear dung the bush and a go weh," the resident said.

Although saddened by Johnson's death, the residents are also convinced that Johnson's death may have been a warning for someone else.

"It's not like him is a yute weh involve in anything or have anyone weh involve in anything. Him is a handyman. If you have a fan to fix and him can do it, it a fix. Anything you want help wid, him a dweet," the resident said.

Johnson is not originally from the community, but he was welcomed by many because of how friendly he was.

Another resident said that they are now fearful because Johnson was killed innocently.

"Dis mek wi start pree di thing different yah now because a nuh yah him come from, and a nuh bad man thing mek him come yah neither. Him a look a betta life, and him have a place of his own yah now and him a do him thing. Him do him job and talk wid everybody. To mi, this is like a warning killing, and it just mean seh no one is safe now," the resident said.