Jamaican boat captain dies in Nicaragua after 22 days adrift

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A Jamaican boat captain died after spending 22 days adrift in waters off the coast of Nicaragua, while two other men who were on the vessel were rescued and remain in the Central American country.

Nicaragua media has named the dead captain as Joshua Strekley, 44 and said he has been buried there.

According to the report, the two survivors Clifton C Edwards, 43, and Reid Derreique Anthonio, 45 said they set sail from St Thomas in Jamaica on December 10, 2018 to the fishing bank known as Murrant Cay Saumont Bank.

The two explained that after travelling 30 miles out to sea, they were surprised by a strong storm that damaged the left side of their boat.

The fishermen said they were left without fuel and food until they ran aground on the Halouver coast, 30 miles south of Puerto Cabezas in Nicaragua, where they received help from community members.

The residents reportedly took Strekly to the health post in the town, where he died and they decided to bury him.

The surviving fishermen were subsequently sent to immigration authorities for their return to Jamaica.