Gully Bop says he's still along with Shauna Chyn

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gully-bop-and-shauna-chin-kissing.jpgIn a surprising move, Gully Bop claims he is still seeing his ex-lover Shauna Chyn. A video uploaded to social media last week saw "Wuk Affa Mi" deejay addressed Shauna Chyn's alleged new relationship with business mogul, Josef Bogdanovich.

Shauna Chyn and Joe Bogdanovich sparked dating rumours last year after they were spotted together at several local events. Fans also speculated that the "Control Button" singer could be the new First Lady of Downsound Entertainment following Ishawna's exit.

However Bop says Chyn doesn't have feelings for Bogdanovich and only wanted the brand new Mercedes-Benz AMG SUV she was gifted for Christmas.

"The one Joe a gwan like seh him tek weh Chyn," Bop said in the clip. "But Chyn don't want him, Chyn just want the Benz...... Ah mi and Chyn a moggle inna it a night time eno. Mi and Chyn deh pan the North Coast the other day, bloodcl****t inna Joe Benz," he continued.