Central High student dies from Dengue

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dengue.jpgCentral High School in May Pen, Clarendon has implemented measures to prevent the spread of dengue fever at the institution after a student died of the virus.

Fourteen year-old Areel Foster died at Kingston Public Hospital on Wednesday.

Uvalyn Daley, Acting Principal of Central High, said several of the vector control measures had been implemented prior to Areel's death.

It was reported that Areel spent the Christmas Holidays in Portmore, St. Catherine.

On returning to her home in Clarendon, she fell ill and was later diagnosed with dengue.

She was admitted to May Pen Hospital then transferred to Kingston Public Hospital.

Areel last year represented Central High in TVJ's All Together Sing competition.

Miss Daley said grief counsellors visited Central High on Thursday to speak to Areel's colleagues.

She said students and staff were in a sombre mood.