Buju not present in the flesh at overcrowded LWTF launch

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It was obvious that something was happening at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston on the night of January 16. That something turned out to be the launch of Buju Banton's highly anticipated Long Walk To Freedom Tour, but, alas, something was amiss. Present were a host of media personnel; artistes fi stone dog, sponsors, well-wishers aplenty and of course, gal pickiney dressed to the nines all waiting to salute the return of the Gargamel.  The Gargamel, however, was nowhere in sight. However, the Dancehall/Reggae superstar made sure to send a heartfelt message to his fans for their continued support over the years. "Thank you for coming out tonight," Buju Banton send via video, "I want to thank you all for making time from your busy schedules to be here with us. I want to thank our sponsors, those who saw it fit to come together in the spirit of unity to make something of this magnitude happen here in Jamaica. I want to thank those in the media, the print media, radio, television, for their love and support over the years and especially at this time... On the 16th of March, the national stadium will be a venue like no other. So many years since i've seen my people and we have exchanged communications spiritually, mystically and on the 16th of March we endeavour to reconnect.