Cops seek mother who beat student in viral video

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The police are looking for the mother in this now viral video making the rounds on social media. It shows a mother whopping a young girl who has reportedly been harassing the woman's daughter. Both girls attend the same school.

However, while there is a debate about the fact that the mother should not have assaulted the young student by hitting her first and then starting a fight, other are of the opinion that the woman should be croowned 'Mother of the Year'.

The girl is seen exalting herself and telling the woman's daughteer that she will hit her in front of her mother as she wasn't afraid of anybody.

Well, at that point the mother lost it and there endeth the reading of the lesson. All attempts at having a conversation went flying through the window as Mon grabbed the defiant student and started an onslaught.

The student is obviously a good fighter and defended herself well, until she was pushed into a ditch.

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