PNP wants Dunn's River audit to be made public

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pnp-headquarters.jpgThe People's National Party (PNP) is calling on the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to make the report of the audit on impropriety at Dunn's River Falls Attraction public.

The report covers the results of a probe ordered in August by the UDC after there were reports of misappropriation of funds associated with ticketing costs at the attraction.

Opposition Spokesman on Tourism, Dr. Wykeham Mcneil, says the relevant authorities need to provide clarity as to what was found in the audit and why the report was referred to C-TOC.

He says the public deserves to know the full extent of the irregularities which preceded the investigation and whether anyone will be held accountable.

He notes that it is not acceptable for the report to be buried in the files of the UDC and its subsidiaries.