Nikki Chromaz wants prayers after death threats over Loom doom

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nikki-chrome-body-chromazz-on-instagram-hey-yuh-affi-tek-bad-thing.jpgDancehall 'It Girl' Nikki Chromaz is asking her followers to pray for her after reportedly receiving death threats following the crash of Birthday Club ponzi scheme, Loom.

The "Chrome White" owner took to Instagram over the weekend claiming that she has been receiving death threats after owing JMD $6.7 million following the crash of loom.

On Sunday, she uploaded a screenshot to her Instagram story sharing one of the threats, asking her over 400,000 followers to keep her in their prayers. But shortly after, she took to social media to share a video clip of a humorous Loom scenario, with the caption "Yuh affi tek bad things mek joke".

Nikki Chrome Body Chromazz😍😋 on Instagram: "Hey yuh affi tek bad things mek joke enu😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 this kill me🤣😭 a really so me did behave enu 😭😭"

Meanwhile, Nikki is promoting her cake sale and other business enterprises. Hopefully the prayers work and the people who are owed will get their refund because the comments on social media are savage. It's Christmas and people want their money, even if they get back the sum they invested without the interest, they will be fine.

Nikki Chrome Body Chromazz😍😋 on Instagram: "Unu ready??🙌🙌🙌 15% off all chromewhite once u purchase a ticket🙌🙌🙌 cant miss this"