JLP trolled after saying Paulwell must resign

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phillip-paulwell-technology-minister.jpgThe Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is calling for the resignation of Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell in light of his involvement in the auditor general's report of corruption at the state-owned oil refinery Petrojam.

The JLP also says that Paulwell should recuse himself from deliberations of Parliamentary oversight bodies which are likely to shortly review the auditor general's report which extends to the tenure during which he was the "Primus Inter Pares of the Energy Sector".

According to JLP General Secretary, Dr Horace Chang, it's noteworthy, that concerning issues raised in the energy sector under the current JLP administration, there has been accountability via resignations at the ministerial, board and management levels.

"However, in contrast there has been no such accountability in respect of the Opposition People's National Party's Spokesperson on Energy, who served as Minister for three of the five-year-span reviewed in the Auditor General's probe," Chang said.

"It is in this vein the Jamaica Labour Party is calling for Phillip Paulwell to resign as Opposition Spokesman on Energy, or to be fired by Opposition Leader Peter Phillips," he insisted.

While this might sound like a good argument, many persons have pointed out the flaws, noting that Wheatley had resigned under heavy public pressure and have accused Chang of "passing the buck".

"Horace Chang stop passing the buck because your party got caught up in this scandal. It wasn't Paulwell who accepted the cake, the party and gave his friends millions of dollars in contracts. Chang you has no credibility there you shouldn't be the one to speak on this matter because the contractor general just ding you on the 600 mil bushing project."

Another person commented: "The oil has labourites running scared. Paulwell's resignation can't stop the forensic audit."

"Dr Horace Chang, shut your mouth! For weeks the people of Jamaica called on the Prime Minister to relieve Wheatley of his ministerial position, but you and others in your party circled the wagon to protect Andrew's Andrew. It was only after much public pressure that Wheatley eventually reluctantly left the Cabinet. Now listen to what your Prime Minister is also hinting at, that he believes in second chances. This is read by many as a hint that he may soon be ready to readmit Wheatley to the Cabinet. Not one of you in that Party has any moral ground to call on anyone to resign. You were also all there when Golding was finding ways to protect Dudus. Did any of you resign for your role in that dastardly act of protecting the Tivoli strongman and besmirching Jamaica's good name?"

"This is yet another attempt by the Holness Administration to try to hide from the scrutiny that their collective actions in the PetroJam saga have engendered. Samuda and his cronies should know that dem can run, but dem caan hide, as the evil done in the dark will come out into the light. When the corrupt seek to hide, they must be smoked out!"