Fans speculate why DJ Khaled didn't tag Rygin King in photo

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dj-khaled-maxim.jpgDancehall fans are squabbling over DJ Khaled apparently snubbing newcomer Rygin King.

The American DJ, producer uploaded a photo to his Instagram story last week with veteran Dancehall entertainer Bounty Killer, Usain Bolt, Sharon Burke, Richie D and Rygin King at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records restaurant in Kingston.

Khaled immediately raised a few eyebrows when social media users sighted that everyone was tagged in the post expect the self-proclaimed "Trap King."

"Rygin King Neva get tag 😂😂😂 even di man over the right side get tag so how Rygin King salt suh 😂," one fan wrote. "Rygin King - "them say great man always a guh get a fight...BEG KHALED FI A ONE TAG AND HIM SAY ME HYPE.....1KING 1KING.....😭," another added.

Rygin king come in like di plate wid porridge 😢 nobody Nuh want him #YaadManTing 🤣🤣🤣."

However others came to the "Legacy" deejay's defence claiming Jamaicans failed to see the bigger picture, "Who cares about him not being tagged in a photo, the fact that he is in the photo is enough," one social media user wrote.

"Unu gwan stay deh and laugh at least the man a par wid Khaled that says a lot for a young artiste who just come inna the game."