Empress Maurica questions DJ Khaled's real motive in being in Jamaica - Do u want us to come and bow to the Father of Asahd?

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dj-khaled-on-instagram-bujuofficial-x-djkhaled-budafuco96-father.jpgIn one of his many, many posts on social media in the last few days, DJ Khaled posted a picture withhimself standing next to world's fastest man, Usain Bolt with the caption: "JAMAICA FATHER OF ASAHD IS HERE?" One social medis user Empress Maurica took exception and has a word of caution, even as Khaled fever is infecting some.

She says: ""@djkhaled who is ASAHD again for us to come and bow and recognize his father with that Baphomet on your chest? Are you telling us something here Khaled? Do you want us to come bow to the father of ASAHD? Why u calling Jamaica to look at this picture with you and one of our great man but ur letting it known with your horns in ur chest that FATHER OF ASAHD is here. 🤔🤔🤔 sounds sketchy to me. My Jamaican family may be sleeping but I'm not so I am going to speak for my people. We worship the Angels of our creator of this Earth hence why we are rooted and so spiritual and know a lie when we see it. Those who are blinded by vanity will see just the vanity, those who are rooted and grounded in Jah will know a lie. @usainbolt this caption sat well with you? Cause it doesn't with me and them horns on his chest telling us the truth but we're blind,and it doesn't sit well either. Khaled we love money but we love God more. @busysignal_turf @agentsasco