DPP seeks order to retain highend vehicles owned by NESOL chief engineer

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court-image-1.jpgThe Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), has applied to the Supreme Court for an order for the four high-end vehicles seized at the home of Chief Engineer at National Energy Solutions (NESOL), Lawrence Pommels, to be retained as criminal property.

The DPP made the application after a man claiming to be the owner of the vehicles applied to the St Catherine Parish Court for the return of his vehicles.

The vehicles, which include an Audi and BMW X6, were seized in July during a raid on Mr Pommels' home in Old Harbour, St Catherine.The cops also reportedly seized $35 million at the house.

Pommels, who is charged with money laundering, appeared in court last week Tuesday where the case was mentioned.

Two other defendants, Ricardo Harris and a supervisor at NESOL, Rayon Hamilton, also appeared in court.

The men are to return to court next month.