Daughter says her mother was killed by gay cop who 'looking' her son

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homo-sexuals.jpgAs the ears of Jamaica are tuned to a murder and suicide that took place on Sunday at the Islington Police Station in St Mary, social media went into overdrive with rumours that this was homosexual revenge attack. Reports are that the 62-year-old victim, Dawnette Maxwell, was caught in a deadly triangle created by her grandson and the gay cop who was 'looking' him.

Now, Miss Maxwell's daughter, Cicilly Bradbury, has spoken to daily newspaper, The Gleaner. She says that her mother was killed by the policeman because her son refused his homosexual advances.

admitted that her son had gotten gifts from him but had repeatedly turned down his advances.

"On the Internet, he put up something saying him and my son was in a relationship. My son say the guy like him, the guy gave him a laptop and the guy gave him a phone. My son say him nuh really in da lifestyle deh, which the guy wah get him that way. My son have him girlfriend."

Bradbury said the rumours and criticisms have made the pain of losing her mother even greater.

"Words can't explain how I feel," she said. "I wasn't looking for this at this moment because we know say she nuh inna no war with nobody. Probably if she did sick and pass away, probably we could understand, but fi know say somebody tek har life over something she not even have a clue about. She not even know the guy, she nuh know what it was about."

The grieving daughter said her mother had brought lunch for a young man in the lock-up, which she had done several times before, as he was the son a friend of hers who is abroad. Maxwell was even supposed to leave the island in a few days.

"Mi a try support mi son mek him know say, regardless of what the whole heap of critics dem a go say, we can't tek a next loss. If we shun him and tun we back pon him, we neva can tell wha might happen," Bradbury said.

The death of 62-year-old Dawnette Maxwell has rocked the closely knit community of Galina in St Mary, where she was loved and respected.

For over a decade, she held a Christmas treat for the kids of the district and also provided cooked meals for the shut-ins in the community.

Reports are that Miss Maxwell went to visit an individual who was in custody at the Islington Police Station, on behalf of a friend. She was transported to the station by a relative.

It is alleged that when she arrived at the station, Maxwell told officers there what her business was. Constable Ormsby reportedly later saw her, and enquired if she was the grandmother of a young man whom Ormsby knew. Maxwell reportedly answered in the affirmative to the question from Ormsby, who was on cell duty at the police station at the time of her visit. The elderly woman reportedly further told the Ormsby that she was to sell items at an event the same day, and consequently, urgently wanted to finish her visit to the station.

Constable Ormsby reportedly told her that after the visit, he wanted to have a conversation with her outside. It is being further alleged that shortly after Maxwell completed the visit, she spoke with Ormsby.

While police reports said the two were engaged in a "conversation", it has been otherwise reported that they had an argument, following which explosions were heard, and both persons were subsequently found suffering from gunshot wounds.

Based on the positioning of his weapon, it is suspected that the district constable killed Maxwell and then shot himself.

Ormsby died while undergoing treatment at hospital, but Maxwell died on the compound of the police station in Islington.

Several residents, passersby and motorists, who all heard the explosions, rushed to the scene in a daze as the usual quiet Sunday afternoon in St Mary was transformed into one of grief, tainted with elements of mystery and wild theories mirroring scenes from a Hollywood movie.

As investigators probe the incident, including interviewing witnesses, it is understood that Maxwell's grandson, whom Ormsby had enquired about, has been among the interviewees.