Council of Churches wants criminal charges in Petrojam matter

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The Jamaica Council of Churches has placed the Petrojam issue back on the front burner by suggesting that those found guilty of gross misconduct be criminally charged.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has ordered a forensic audit of Petrojam after an Auditor General report revealed that millions of dollars have been misspent at the entity.

Reverend Gary Harriott, General Secretary of the Jamaica Council of Churches, says the group is expecting further action following the forensic audit.

"Whether it means that person is going to be brought before the court to answer for the breach, but yes, we expect that as a result of those findings that persons will be held accountable," he said.

Reverend Harriott said the issues highlighted at Petrojam raise the need for more transparency in the management of public funds.

"Those who are entrusted with the public's resources need to bear in mind that this is taxpayers' funds and if we don't manage our resources well and our responsibilities, then it sets us back in terms of our advancement and development as a society," he asserted.