Check out Ishawna's 'tablecloth' frock... fans say it looks like something Miss Lou would wear

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ishawna-on-instagram-about-to-go-stuff-my-face-merry-christmas.jpgAfter dissing the bandana costumes worn by Miss Lou as 'tablecloth' and declaring that she "doesn't dress in tablecloth like Miss Lou", Ishawna uploaded a pic of herself in a gingham tablecloth looking material dress that has fans trolling her.

Her is what they had to say:

islandgyal_krishDis look like something Ms. Lou woulda wear 🤣 @mslegendary

mz_independent_momoWait @mslegendary a table cloth setting u go 🤣🤣🤣😁 mi lub it.

"Mi like di miss lou look @mslegendary"

ISHAWNA on Instagram: "About to go stuff my face😝😋 #MerryChristmas"

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About to go stuff my face😝😋 #MerryChristmas

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