Bajan gays looking a hype offa Buju; trying to bully him into denouncing 'Boom Bye Bye'

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buju-banton-photo-10.jpgThe Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) community in Barbados is clearly looking a major hype off Jamaican dancehall recording artist Buju Banton and some sections of the media in the island are clearly facilitating their nonsense.

Reports in Barbados Today state that the fame-hungry, attention-seeking homosexuals and queers want Buju Banton to publicly denounce one of his most popular songs ahead of a performance scheduled here next year.

Early Friday morning, music promoters Fas7Star Entertainment uploaded a poster with a picture of the artist, indicating he would headline an April 27 concert called Long Walk to Freedom at the 2019 Barbados Reggae Festiv

The news comes just two weeks after the artist - real name Mark Myrie - was released after serving 10 years in a US prison for a drug conviction.

His release has prompted celebration from many fans across the Caribbean, and mega successful producer DJ Khaled jetted into Jamaica last week specifically to meet with the Reggae legend.

While spokesperson for the local LGBT community, Ro-Ann Mohammed, welcomed the news that Buju would be headlining next year's reggae festival, she admitted that "there is some merit to how some people feel with regard to the rhetoric surrounding some of his early music, particularly the Boom Bye Bye song".

Fortunately, sensible people see this for what it is -- a savage case of bullying from a group of faggots who think that they are the only ones who have rights. How dare them! Fortunately again, this is the age of social media comments, and the responses from well-thinking persons have been swift and highly appropriate.

From as far back as 2006, Buju Banton met with the faggots and declared that he would no longer perform that song on stage. What more does the LGBTQWXYZ (have we missed out any of the letters?) want?

It's unfortunate that they are even being given the space via this medium to bring their idiocy to light. Actually, this call for Buju to denounce the song should have been locked in a closet where these intolerant, same-sex-loving, homosexuals who love to stab and kill each other in acts of passion, belong.

Whether they like it or not, "Boom Bye Bye" IS --- and forever will be-- an iconic Dancehall tune and will be an anthem for generations to come. BOOM BYE BYE.

When you all have the time, take a look at some of these comments:

DENOUNCE UNNUH MUMMA!!!..God created man & woman gayism fi stop! A it a mashup the world yuh see how much disease destruction & curse a come pon us unnuh nuh see the almost endless fire in California fi weeks & how much pple dying all over because pple are so confused these days God is so Upset with the nastiness sodomism..da lifestyle bring crosses pon di world!!!

Denounce mi bombo-pussy-claat... yow dem fish ya really a gwaan too bad now man. Unuh waan too bloodclaat much. It nuh bad enough unuh can suck out man tongue a road... now unuh waan people love unuh unwillingly. Leff di man song alone; a just a song. If it play round yuh den cut off unuh ears.

Unuh move from ya wid unuh dutty life bout unuh waa man fi succumb and big up unuh nastiness unuh set up the man ova the said song and him duh him time, unuh tink we Nuh know say unuh have a hand in him incarceration di amount a petition unuh file against him to unuh judge fren, him Nuh haffi sing da song deh when him a perform but me naw stop sing it, big up Buju caw dem can't keep a good man down a God you seh, weh dem nuh tear out the chapter dem wha denounce battyisim in the Bibles Eternal FYA fi di nastiness dem.

Unu move unu duttu BBC self and low the man ..u know how much violence Inna white people music anybody a call upon Eminem n Dem for stop sing fuxxry unu kiss BUJU raxxxxx ... Unu gay people always want shove. Unu lifestyle down people throat apologize for what.......some. Of them before Dem start have same sex relationship was singing the same damn song cause nobody nuh born gay , it's a lifestyle choice.

Y batty man dem always a gwaan like dem want to force ppl fi accept them? Unu cocky want cut off and burn kmft.

30 years ago a 15 yr old yute writes a song and those people want him to still deal with these people's insecurities? those people have enough money to go buy an island. just go away if you don't want to deal with people that don't believe what you bel...

This is the same fuckry dem people trying to pull on Comedian Kevin Hart inna farrin also. They gwaan like a lynch mob now.

Lovey Donna P you could type until your finger is tired battyman fi 💥💣if your daddy was a battyman you wouldnt be here typing shit .

Nikki Cutelips nope... he shouldn't denounce it. It's a part of his legacy. Why don't Barbados ban the song if it bother unuh so much.

Mike Sharp im gonaa give u a pass cause u looking so cute and all.

The matter has been dealt with already.How many times do they want their pound of flesh.Fall back let the Gargamel prosper.I am sure the strategy will be to ignore these parasites...

Vee Vee U nuh have nothing to denounce!!! Soon straight ppl will walk the streets because we have rights too. Soon hear unu want come in a ppl house come teach dem pickney fi pay gay. It seems like is only gay ppl live in this world.

Kim Slimmas Leave the man alone let him enjoy a bit of freedom him and is family please.

When did it became a crime to voice ones opinion. No LGBT cannot tell society what they should accept so Mr. Myrie keep doing your thing Boom Bye Bye indeed.

What a set of nastiness think them a human being, these clown really need to be purge out.

Wi need straight ppl ready fi protest ina real life not only social media.

Shan Slim Shanique Low the man ... weh yu a talk bout. If him no sing it again that's fair enough what u talking about publicly announce .... that was years ago.... A tell hunu fi tell gay and lesbian say dem fi stop the nastiness.

Dee Jay Creepa They need to let the artist breath before attacking him with bullshit... not even 3weeks good and wanna be demanding orders kmt.. so uneducated & dunce

British Unruly Everybody a try look a hype offa buju since him get release??? Every turn mi turn smaddi ave him name inna dem mouth like bubble gum This is ridiculous it's always something with these people. I don't know why they believe that when they voice how they feel it's ok. But when other people say how they feel it's an issue 🤷🏽‍♀️. Really 🙄. Why do you think you have the right to force ot...

Vee Vee This ppl love to be seen. Weh dem nuh guh weh and leave thr blasted man and him song. Damn demons! Seems there are very much against straight ppl and we nees to start demonstrating too cause we have rights.

The man went to jail for drugs.....not for singing that song leave him alone.

All battymsn fi get boom

Just like how you all have your lifestyle choice buju has his ...kmt why should he apologize ? Leave the man alone y'all act like the untouchables no one can state their mind in fear of being labeled gtfoh.

Go take several seats!!! And I'm trying to be nice!!!! Kmft

Monz Grinij To denounce this song is to denounce slavery and all other pages of the history book that we don't necessarily agree with...denounce why? The song will still be ingrained in our memories...Buju just come home and unnu wah torment the man soul Cha! LGBT kindly hold a space and leave wi man alone.

The message was already sent and received.

It was written in the Bible and him quote it as it was written.....

Go fight the Bible and ask it to apologize .

What is done, is done and can not be erased

No apologies.

Ching Ching Ellington They need to leave it in the past because it already took a total on him already, and they can't stop people from playing are listening to that song, because people still and will always remember that song and sing and play it, so for them to ask him that won't happen. So they need to get over it and move on, It's an new year for him let him live his life and stop bringing back up the past.

This man has a fantastic body of work and the focus is a song he did as a young man. Umh ok 🙄

Bumby fi all a dem an more

Athonykeepingthefaith Di man just fwd and the parasite dem start aready!! Kmft

Bum bye bye inna Batty bowy head straight naah stop seh suh..till we get rid a all uno nastiness..bullit.

Kmt..Unnu go move BBC, why should he denounce his song to please you gays. Start unnu boycott cause it wont happen this song is part of his legacy. Unnu go truck thru a window wid unnu insecuries.

Land FISH guh suck out unuh mumma

Fuck barbados

Unno start to ride him again, let the man breathe in peace man; Denounce what??