VP Showcase Live a boon for South Florida

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vp-collection.jpgWith South Florida fast becoming the hub for dancehall music, several of the genre's leading lights have linked with promotions company JTMC Enterprise and VP Records to showcase their products through VP Showcase Live.

The series started in March last year and has featured over 30 artistes to date. The shows take place at VP Records' offices in Miramar.

Mr Vegas, Hezron, Danglin, Lady Tia, The Melodians and Code Red Band are some of the acts who have performed on VP Showcase Live.

Howard Chin, manager of VP Records' Florida office, said the live expose is a joint effort.

"VP Records and JTMC Enterprise came together and brainstormed how to give both new and established artistes a platform to showcase their brand, for a new single, EP or album. It benefits the artiste because we are giving them massive worldwide exposure through thousands of viewers on social media both via VP Records and JTMC Enterprise social media platforms," he explained.

Chin added that the series also benefits VP, as it brings awareness to its retail base in South Florida. It serves as a medium for potential deals between artistes and the label's different distribution outlets.

Joanna Marie Chin Loy is principal of JTMC Enterprise which is another South Florida-based entity.

Known as Joanna Marie, she has been a singer for over 20 years and released a number of songs and one album.

She told Jamaican newspaper, the Observer in a recent interview that her experience as an artiste has helped in her role as marketing and promotions executive.

"Every week, I have artistes not only from South Florida but from various states submitting their music/bio/profile for review for future showcases (so) we do have many artistes waiting to be featured," she said.

Singers Tamara B and A J Brown, singer/musician Benjy Myaz and keyboardist Maurice Gregory are the featured acts for the final VP Showcase Live this year, scheduled for November 24.

Several of the artistes on 'Showcase', such as Sasha Dias, Hal Anthony, Sons Of Mystro, Lady Tia and the Code Red Band reside in South Florida. For many years, the region lagged behind New York and Los Angeles in terms of dancehall/reggae labels and shows, but that has changed considerably in recent years.