St. Hugh's honour roll student killed after her house firebombed

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Teachers, class-mates and friends have nothing but good things to say about 15-year-old Tashai Munda following her death in a house fire on Wednesday.

Tashi Munda had been on the honour roll at St Hugh's HIgh School from grade seven. She exemplified modesty and a willingness to do good work and also flourished in several extra-curricular activities.

"She was an active member of the school's cheer-leading squad, and so her squad mates were given space to do their catharsis, and the fourth-formers who are here came in to show their respects also," the school's principal is quoted as saying.

"I am particularly sad because Tashi was a very quiet person. She was well behaved, a diligent student who made the honour roll. Ever since grade seven, she was the top of her grade of 250 girls, and as you can imagine, great things were expected of her. It's a sad loss for this school."

Yesterday, although most students were busily engaged in exams, it was evident that they were dealing with Tashi's death as best as they could. The principal says that the school will be looking at how they will honour Tashi's memory.

Form teacher Minneth Reynolds, the former Sunshine Girls head coach, described Tashi as an influential student who would be missed for a long time.

"She knew what she wanted. She was a dedicated student who was doing extremely well before all of this happened. She will be missed in more ways than one," said Reynolds.

The police are investigating the incident.