No apology for Queen Ifrica from Kartel

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queen-ifrica-photos-3.jpgVybz Kartel will clearly not be apologising to Queen Ifrica over statements he made years ago accusing her of skin bleaching. Over the weekend, he shot down Queen Ifrica's request for an apology in the most demeaning way. Of course, few were surprised.

Vybz Kartel and Queen Ifrica's fight go back to 2011 when she called him out for his skin bleaching and he in turn suggested that she also bleached her skin. Some Kartel fans have since continued to troll Ifrica over said alleged skin bleaching, forcing her to post a video denying the allegations.

She also called out Vybz Kartel while demanding that he apologize to her for leading his fans to attack her over a false claim of skin bleaching. This is Kartel's response:

"Dwbcl ... she needs an apology from me 'she seh' because she said that she's Half Black, and not bleaching dwl," he wrote. "This House Lizard bright nuh bloodcl**t... #IFreaker PS. If ANUH a run dis a You?."

Some of Vybz Kartel's Gazanation fans also chimed in, triggering a fresh round of social media trolling. "Queen Ifrica we know yo a bleacher from longtime bout yo half black dwl, honey go hold a seat somewhere and leave the boss name out your mouth," one fan wrote.

Some fans questioned why Queen Ifrica chooses to address Vybz Kartel in 2018 - seven years after the incident.