Kim Nain - "Deal Wid It" Album

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deal-wid-it-facebook-cover-image.jpgAlbum Release Date: November 23, 2018


Kim Nain is poised to release her debut album "Deal Wid It" on November 23, 2018, which is expected to be received well by listeners. As an artiste that has been in the industry for a number of years, this project is a large milestone as she now has a great amount of support through Shelly-Ann Curran from John John Music Group, who manages her, and Dale Virgo from DZL Records. The music style crosses over to several different feels and moods going from reggae to dancehall to a fusion of hip-hop, R&B and trap. She carries us through various storylines and stimulates feelings of nostalgia, longing and just an overall feel-good vibe. Listeners locally and across the waters will be able to easily relate to the music and will be pleasantly surprised with the delivery of content.


Kim Nain a true hard working musician, singer and songwriter is starting to take strides in the music business with her new sound and style. Born a Taurean, Kim Nain has accomplished much by completing a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Laws Degree whilst pursuing her true passion, music.

Ever since her first musical note, Kim Nain is accustomed to being the center of attention on every stage since her high school years at St. Jago High which became her first training ground for both music and the performing arts. It was during this period Kim developed her free-spirited, spontaneous, well-informed and down to earth persona.

Kim began recording professionally shortly after graduating from high school and immediately fell in love with the art of crafting music. Though her difficulties of balancing her studies and jump-starting her music career, Kim Nain was determined to prove her potential and continued to do what she could to pursue and advance her passion by doing local shows and concerts, singing and writing jingles for advertisement as well as releasing a few singles for select local Jamaican record labels. Her new-found music career became her focus and priority.

"To me, music is my way out for almost every situation. When I'm up, when I'm down, I find myself just wanting to write a new song or just sing myself to wonderland. I'm not sure what my sanity would have been like without it. It's how I communicate with the world and myself. I want to bring to the world a piece of me to keep, to have and to hold even when I'm gone and I see no other way to do this but through my music. Life isn't something you just go through, you have to live it and in order to do that we have to break away from the confines of what is expected of us by society and do what it is that we truly love or believe."

- Kim Nain

The young singer/songwriter, is well poised to explode locally and overseas as she continues to impress audiences, label representatives & concert promoters from the United States, Europe and Africa. Kim also performed alongside Omi, the billboard topping artiste with the hit single "Cheerleader" in Europe, on the "Summer 2015" tour. Kim Nain is now becoming one of the most sought after live act after just a few performances and has been in studios working on major projects with a few producers, California-based EDM group Bad Royale from Mad Decent, Alex Antaeus and Jamaican-based producers DizTroy (Dale "Dizzle" Virgo and Troy Baker) .

Kim is currently promoting her single, "Deal Wid It" featuring Destiny Sparta , produced by Dale Virgo and Troy Baker.



01. Hold On Me
02. Marijuana
03. Deal Wid It ft. Destiny Sparta
04. Roll Up ft. Agent Sasco
05. Need Me ft. Naomi Cowan
06. Needed Your Love ft. Versi
07. Baby
08. Driveway
09. Walk Away
10. Love You My Way ft. Bugle
11.Tempted ft. Devin Di Dakta


This album is a compilation of the different sides of Kim Nain. She is every kind of woman who has had various experiences and is capable of expressing it through various moods - various sounds, fusions. DEAL WID IT says to the listener, here I am, this is all me - unraveling this microphone cord before you, so Deal Wid it.

Liner Notes

Description of all songs

Hold On Me

"This song is about looking beyond the surface. Despite judgment and exterior characteristic assumptions made about a lover, this song looks deeper at the man's persona and the lust, drive, temptation and her need for more experienced from just being with him" The sound of this song is trap meets afrobeat and is a real fusioned banger which mixes the genres.


"This song seeks to show the break-out energy of a woman who was always thought to be conservative. All introverted ways have been pushed to the side and now ready for something different and wild. Let's let loose tonight" Kim rides this old school reggae beat with fluidity and style.

Deal Wid It

"Whoever said a woman can't boss it up? Deal Wid It is provocative and fishes out the 'temptress-ness' of a woman's sexuality, be it born from love, lust or just being whipped." This song is on a trap beat with a trippy vibe encapsulating Kim and Destiny's hardcore caribbean style rapping. This song has a fierce vibe and make you want to headbop and dance. The song breaks out into an emotional R&B break which give the song a totally fresh and new sound/vibe.

Roll Up

"Temptation can come in all shapes and forms and can happen in any place at any time. When you have all that she's been looking for, she may just want to roll up on you any place, at any time. This song perfectly describes the feeling." The sound of this song is a mixture of trap and reggae.

Needed Your Love

"Sometimes in relationships we make rash decisions and hurt the people we love the most. After the damage has been done, we might just feel regretful and want to fix things - I needed your love." The sound of this song is a fusion of EDM and Dancehall.


"You're in deep with this man, there's not one second you want to be away from him - even if he's just at work. This song can tell him just how you feel, he better come home fast because you're cooking up a surprise for him - it's your time to boss him up" The sound of this song is reggae meets europop.

Need Me

"Us women sometimes have difficulty getting our men to show a little emotion; it doesn't take away from your masculinity, so why are you acting so tough when your boys are around? We both know who's ready to cuddle up when its just you and I; I know that you need me. The sound of this song is Reggae meets Rock.

Love You My Way

"The freedom to love is one of the greatest gifts we have. Loving someone in all different kinds of ways - by speech, by thought and by action. This song will tell him or her exactly why you want to love him or her your way". This song has a fusion of reggae and afrobeat.


"Gather around let me tell you a story about what just happened. Driveway, is a storytelling song about a little domestic disturbance in the neighborhood - a little he said and she said - he just got kicked out of the house because.." The sound of this song is a fusion of RNB and reggae.


"There's always that one person that you feel about so deeply and so strongly that you can't even see the truth of their ugliness towards you. The world has tried to tell you but you kept latching on, now, he's gone and you're all alone left to pick up the pieces - questions are left unanswered" The sound of this song is trap mixed with soul.


"Why are you always checking me about who I'm talking to and who I'm with all the time when you're coming home at this hour with no explanation? This song is going to get you tempted to do and say things you've never thought you would." This song is a fusion of dancehall, and afrobeat.





DEAL WID IT - Official video (To be released November/December)




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