Iley Dred fans praying for a Miracle......just like in his latest single

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miracle-judy-mowatt-feat-chardavid.jpg"Miracle" is the single from Colin Levy aka Iley Dread and it tells the story of a young man who is in trouble and makes a desperate phone call to his mother, who comforts him by telling him to pray to God for a miracle.

Since news broke two weeks ago of the singer's arrest in Canada, fans of Iley Dread have been praying for divine intervention, which they say there is already some indication of. Four persons were arrested and charged in the raid in which Iley was held, however, he has the least charges against him. Additionally, the major charges which the other three are facing have not been laid on Iley.

Toronto police say they dismantled a gun-smuggling ring after a woman was stopped at the U.S. border with 25 handguns hidden in the gas tank of her SUV. On Oct. 31, a 50-year-old Toronto woman was stopped by border officials while attempting to cross into Canada at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ont. The woman had been flagged by the Toronto Police Service, and her car, a rental Nissan Rogue, was stripped and searched. After the gas tank was cut in two, the handguns - each one wrapped in plastic - were discovered concealed inside the tank.

The driver, Rima Mansour, was charged with importing illegal firearms, possession of a firearm knowing the possession is unauthorized, and possession of prohibited over-capacity magazines.

Police say that on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018 and Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, 13 search warrants were executed in Toronto, Brampton and Ajax.

As part of those searches, officers allegedly yielded:

5 additional handguns from those seized at the Peace Bridge

16 prohibited, over-capacity magazines

136 rounds of various calibers of ammunition

166 grams of powered cocaine

111 grams of crack cocaine

13 kilograms of marijuana

• $45,000 in cash

Colin Levy, 52, of Brampton, was arrested and charged with possession of a prohibited loaded firearm while unauthorized, careless storage firearm, possession of a firearm knowing possession is unauthorized, possession of a firearm obtained by crime, possession of a firearm knowing the serial number has been removed and possession of proceeds of crime.

Rima Mansour, 50, of Toronto, faces 25 charges of importing illegal firearms and charges of possession of a firearm knowing possession is unauthorized and possession of prohibited devices with over capacity magazines.

Alan Cunningham, 52, of Brampton, was charged with four counts each of trafficking firearms and trafficking ammunition, three counts of possession of proceeds of crime, and one of conspiracy to traffic firearms.

William Datta, 41, of Ajax, was arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking in firearms; two counts of possession of a firearm for the purpose of trafficking; two counts of possession of proceeds of crime and one of conspiracy to traffic firearms.

Fans of Iley Dread, who also goes by the stage name Chardavid, have bit out against cruel online trolls who have been making nasty comments and are therefore sending out the following appeal: "If you have nothing good to say, then be silent."

The song, Miracle, is a collaboration with internationally acclaimed gospel singer, Judy Mowatt.

Miracle - Judy Mowatt feat. Chardavid